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I love it when I can personalize the gifts I buy and I like it especially because I rarely find things with my name on it. You can’t just walk into any old shop and find something with Yashy on it, that’s for sure! When the folks at Zazzle reached out to see if I had heard about them I obviously said no. I’ve visited quite a few online sites that offer customizable options but Zazzle was the first one that offered so MANY options on one site. And yes folks, we’ve got a $100 gift certificate to share with one North American reader!


Zazzle offers so many options that you could easily do all of your holiday shopping  here. From personalized wrapping paper to decorating your own nails there’s everything in between. I know the nails might be a bit excessive but think how cool it would be for a fun celebratory occasion! Look carefully at the nails below…do you see Little Monkey?

I tested out a few pictures from our recent travels and they look pretty good I think!











Uploading images and adding text was done easily and I really liked the fact that I was able to easily pull images from my Instagram account.

I’ve just placed my Zazzle order so I can’t comment on the quality or speed of delivery just yet but I will update this post as soon as I receive my finished products. If you aren’t creative you can easily shop items designed by others!

If you live in North America, enter to win a $100 gift certificate! Be sure to check out our other gift guide giveaways! 

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  1. nicolthepickle
    Dec 10, 2014 @ 13:33:05

    I’ve ordered from Zazzle before and I was super impressed with it. The shipping took pretty long (3 weeks). We got a t-shirt and it was great quality.


  2. Raising Travelers
    Dec 13, 2014 @ 01:24:06

    I’m going to check them out – my eldest has a pretty uncommon name too!


    Dec 15, 2014 @ 18:27:40

    Looks like I should give this site a look


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