Wrigley Field with Toddler and Baby #MurphysDoChicago

During our recent trip to Chicago we decided to take in a tour of the famous Wrigley Field with the toddler and baby. No we didn’t watch a Cubs game, instead we did the geeky thing and coughed up $25 each to hear all about the ins, outs and history of the place. The El line goes right up to the stadium so definitely rely on public transportation if you need to. We took a cab to ensure we caught the final tour of the day ( 11 a.m.) but took the subway back. Walking around to the ticket area ensure you stand in the right line, only one sells tour tickets, the other is for game tickets.

The day we toured was a hot and busy one and hence our group was split into two. We saw some people on the other tour who had strollers but given the many stairs inside I was glad I was baby wearing. Baby Boy was quite content in the Bjorn and Little Monkey was fine walking along (hubs carried her at a few spots). The tour was only an hour and fifteen minutes long so it was most definitely family friendly from a timing perspective. The Little Monkey had plenty of space to play with her mini toys when she got bored, but since we kept moving from one set of bleachers to the next, there was always something new to see. Our tour guide was very informative and given the size of the group he ensured that people cleared out of certain areas so that those at the back  (us!! due to potty breaks) had a front line view when we got on the field.



On the tour you get a view from most major seating angles and even a view from home plate. If it’s a hot day, ensure you bring some fluids for the kids and that they wear a hat. They checked our bags at the gate but didn’t mind the snacks, water and juice I had for the kids. We even brought coffee along for our tour. Next time I plan to take in a game not from the stadium but from the pubs behind, namely the Murphy Pub where you get the best views of the game AND you can take an all you can eat and drink package for about $75! Talk about a steal! Hopefully this is an on-going feature and not some one time specials.

If you enjoy learning about the history and stories behind baseball, do the tour. It isn’t that long and you’ll leave with plenty of knowledge. Do you like to tour stadiums?

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  1. Marcy McMillan
    Mar 26, 2015 @ 09:48:28

    I went to Chicago and to Wrigley specifically for my birthday and it was the best birthday present, amazing city!


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