Travel Remedies for Young Kids #ONatural

orange naturalsDuring the Christmas holidays we visited a friend of ours who is well versed in natural remedies and during our visit Little Monkey was complaining about growing pains so my friend asked me to take a look at Orange Naturals. This is how I came to learn that Orange Naturals makes professional quality, naturopathic health products that are convenient to use and easy to understand. They are designed by licensed Canadian naturopathic doctors and combines natural medicine into a line of professional-grade, family-friendly, naturopathic products. The hubs comes from a line of doctors and nurses and so we’re very careful with what we put on and into the kids, that’s for sure. As you know, I’ve been a fan of homeopathic remedies when it comes to solving every day issues for the kids and so I took it upon myself to learn more about Orange Naturals and the various products that may suit our family. Yup, we have a final giveaway to tie up the birthday week!



Disclosure : This post is in partnership with Orange Naturals and we have received compensation but, as always, opinions are totally ours!


We’ve been spending a fair portion of our summer outdoors this year and we were covering ourselves with bug spray on an hourly basis, which got me thinking “how much is too much?” I was so worried about having to deal with whiny Little Monkey complaining about her bites and itches that I went into crazy mode when it came to spraying her. So I was thrilled when I learned that Orange Naturals offers a range of products that help travelling families like us. They offer  natural supplements for everyone at every age and every stage – infants, school age, teen years, athletics, pregnancy, adulthood, men, women, menopause and even senior years.

I like that Orange Naturals has a dedicated kids’ range that helps parents deal with a variety of ailments and that most of their products are great for families with allergies as they are gluten, dairy and soy -free, as well as being vegan. They have something to help reduce stress, increase appetite, deal with bed-wetting, nausea, colds and flus but below are some of the items I’ve packed in our suitcases for our summer excursions and some that will be joining us as we chase the sun over the winter months with the kids in tow.




Bites + Stings Cream with Arnica : This is definitely one to have on hand once those mosquitos, insects and wasps get to your little ones! It inevitably happens and this all natural non-toxic cream soothes itching, pain, swelling and redness. Orange Naturals has an oral ointment as well but when it comes to bites and stings, I do prefer the topical formats despite knowing that technically speaking, oral remedies address the systemic response to the trauma (such as excessive release of histamine causing itchiness) and that the creams only provide local and more temporary relief from pain, swelling, etc.  The oral remedies are deeper acting and prompt the body to begin the process of fully healing. The oral remedy can be given every 15 minutes after a bite and then frequency reduced as the response to the bite settles down (and the tears stop).

Earache for Kids : We’ve entered the continuous earache stage (and sadly I get them as much as the kids do!!) and I recommend carrying remedies to deal with in-flight ear issues. I also noticed that spending days at the pool or beach also increases our chances of getting earaches so having a bottle of the Orange Naturals Earache for Kids is a great idea. This is a great tasting liquid which will help provide temporary relief from earache symptoms such as pain, fever and inflammation, in kids aged newborn to 11 years. This is one that has to be kept refrigerated once opened.

Diarrhea for Kids: Diarrhea is something I hope no kid has to endure but the realities of being adventurous travellers means that there’s a solid chance kids may eat something that doesn’t sit well with their system. Good news is Orange Naturals  brings relief and helps deal with acute gastrointestinal pains such as gas and poop explosions.

Bumps+Bruises for Kids : Baby Boy bumps into things on an hourly basis and his body is filled with purple marks so this is one that I’ve used frequently. He doesn’t whine as much as Little Monkey but we have a bottle of the Bumps + Bruises in our fridge that gets used frequently! This all natural first aid treatment relieves pain caused by minor bruises, swelling and sore muscles due to sprains and traumas. I was surprised this wasn’t a topical ointment and initially rubbed the oil on Baby Boy’s legs but soon realized that a few drops had to be placed under his tongue!

Constipation for kids : I know we spoke about diarrhea above but the opposite also  happens on occasion. I’m sure Baby Boy gets it from the hubs!! More often than not, when they travel to a new place the two of them suffer from constipation and it makes it hard for us to enjoy our trip. There’s an adults version too but truth be told, just use the kids one and increase the dosage! Orange Naturals Constipation for Kids helps relieve pain, abdominal bloating and irregularity and is gentle, safe and free from harsh laxatives.


travel meds for kidsAs with anything, there are some things I’d like to highlight. The main one being that most of the oral ointments come in glass bottles which makes it difficult to bring along on travels. I’ve had a bottle clinking in my purse for a good while and I’m so afraid of opening it and finding everything oozing around my purse! The bottles are quite sturdy so there’s minimal chances of them breaking, luckily.

I also noticed that a few of the above listed products need to be refrigerated once opened and this is where I was most concerned as it’s hard to keep things refrigerated when travelling! I learned that for short trips, keeping the glycerin based remedies at room temperature is fine as long as they are kept out of the hot sun and hot conditions. At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember about handling and using the glycerin based remedies is to not contaminate the dropper with your hands or mouth when taking the remedy. Glycerin does have antiseptic properties but it may not be as robust as alcohol when it comes to killing germs and so you want to be careful in how you manage the ointments and droppers.

Parents with infants should also take a look at the colic and teething products as I hear good things from friends who use the product. Luckily those days are behind me now!! Since we’re talking travel, I should also highlight that there’s a Jet Lag solution offered for those 12 years and over but since my kids do not experience Jet Lag, I can’t really speak too much to it. I need to get better about taking and giving probiotics during our travels, that’s for sure! There’s plenty of research about the benefits and I really have no excuse! I personally have been using Orange Naturals ND Shakes for women and I’m learning about their remedies for night sweats and thyroid issues, so I may have more to share on those in the near future!


Slack for iOS Upload-2Enter below for your chance to win a back to school prize pack (you know how much I loved the germs Little Monkey brought home last year!!). Also ensuring your kids don’t miss school for REAL sick days, means you can use a “sick day” for a travel day (ssshhhh….). One Canadian winner will receive a ND Shake for kids (vanilla or chocolate), a box of MagPop, a Probiotic Powder for kids, a Kids D3 Drops and Focus for kids. Good Luck!
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