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tomee tippee pump and go reviewMy breastfeeding and pumping days are long gone and while I don’t miss being a personal cow/milk vending machine, over the past two years I keep seeing new inventions that has me going ” where was this when I was pumping!?!”. I don’t know about you, but I used to pump into the milk bags or into the tiny bottles that came with my Ameda Purely Yours breast pump and then I’d transfer that milk into the kids’ bottles when it came time to feed them. Imagine if you could have pumped, stored (yes even freeze!) and fed from ONE thing?!? I know some of you are still in the newborn trenches and so when I saw that the Tommee Tippee Pump and Go system was coming to Canada, I reached out to a close friend of mine who has a newborn at home and she agreed to test it out for us. She’s a mom of a three year old girl and a one month old boy so she definitely knows her way around the world of breastfeeding and navigating the struggles that come along. Here’s what Leyency had to say about the new Tommee Tippee Pump and Go system that’s exclusively available online at Babies R’Us in Canada and we have a giveaway!


Disclosure : This post is in partnership with Tommee Tippee but, as always, opinions are TOTALLY ours!



The Pump and Go system helps moms who are pumping their milk as it allows us to pump, store, warm and feed all in one go by using a single pouch. Yes you pump directly into the pouch and so there’s no need to stock up on baby bottles that end up taking up way more space than I’d like in our kitchen. The Tommee Tippee Pump and Go eliminates the need to buy, wash, and store bottles as I no longer have to transfer milk from pump bottle or pouch into the feeding bottle. It also comes with Closer to Nature nipples, a storage case and a warmer.



This system is very handy as an add on to most brands of breast pumps which means that you can still use your favourite breast pump and pump directly into the single use pouches. The adapter worked well with my Medela freestyle breast pump as it does come with just one adapter and is less cumbersome than using the Medela bottles. I like to pump one boob while feeding with the other, a trick I learned with my daughter, and the adapter along with the pouch definitely keeps up to Tommee Tippee promise of no waste as you express, warm and feed with the same pouch. You don’t lose even a drop of the precious liquid as you do when you transfer from collection bottle to another bottle for storage or feeding. I remember the time consuming process of trying to get each precious drop transferred from the pumped bottle to the drinking one for warming the last time around and it was heartbreaking to see the waste in each bottle no matter how much I tried to get it all out.


tommee tippee Pump and Go

These single use sterilized pouches are also easier to keep in place while pumping which was surprising and they’re also very handy when you don’t have the time clean and sterilize the bottles constantly (this is quite the challenge with a 3.5 yr old running around looking for attention now that mommy’s big belly has magically provided a baby brother).


img_2503The Tommee Tippee Pump and Go set also comes with a breast milk storage case which was a bonus to keep the just expressed milk from spilling. Having a special case in the fridge and freezer for breast milk was actually quite comforting. The markings of volume, time and date also did not rub or run off while in the fridge or freezer. The pouches can hold up to 6 ounces at a time and the storage case hold up to 12 pouches, which is great for when I need to run errands, have a long shower or take my daughter to the park for some mommy time, allowing my husband to bond with his son without big sister tugging at his sleeves. Being able to grab a few pouches and run out the door when we need to definitely made our transition into a “normal” routine much easier with two kids.




My favourite part of this system was the bottle warmer! Yes there’s a bottle warmer included in the system which makes the Tommee Tippee Pump and Go a true one stop shop solution. We have been meaning to get one since baby #1 but just never got around to it for some reason. We used the old fashioned method of setting the bottles in warm water or running warm water from the tap to bring refrigerated bottles to room temperature the first time around. The Tommee Tippee Pump and Go system’s warmers not only warms pouches but also bottles. It actually fit all the bottles in my arsenal including glass ones and the Pura stainless steel bottles for my three year old’s milk!  It definitely is handy when trying to get both kids off to bed so that I too can get some much need rest.The warmer also has settings that allow you to warm straight from frozen, room temperature or cold and this customization helps to avoid over warming and the loss of vital nutrients.

breastfeeding tipsYes the Tommee Tippee Pump and Go may be another extra item to add to the never ending list of must have baby items but it does help preserve every single drop of precious liquid gold breastmilk and that’s no joke. It’s also an additional item but having a milk warmer and nipples included in the kit makes it a worthy investment. The starter kit comes with 20 pouches so stocking up on extra ones when it goes on sale is definitely the smart thing to do! As baby boy grows older I’m keen to see if he’s able to hold the pouches and drink by himself the way my daughter was able to when she was about 4 months when we used baby bottles!



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