Sneaking in the Cottage Cheese #BornOnTheFarm

Gay lea cottage cheese Some of the finer things in life that I enjoy include butter, cheese and anything with creamy goodness to it. So when I was invited to be a Gay Lea ambassador for the next year, I licked my lips, rubbed my belly and said “YES”. Over the next year I’ll be sharing some fun recipes and experimenting with some new products. Many may not know that Gay Lea began in 1958 when a group of farmers came together with a common vision – to better the lives of Ontario farming families and co-operatives. Today, Gay Lea is the second largest dairy co-operative in Canada and is owned by over 1,200 dairy farmers.


Disclosure: I am part of the Gay Lea Ambassador Campaign and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog, as always, are totally mine! 


Gay Lea has launched a new product that will blow you away. Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese… you read it right. Smooth. As in all the benefits of regular cottage cheese without the lumps, or “yucky stuff” as Little Monkey likes to call them.  When the kids were young they both LOVED cottage cheese (the lumpy kind) but once they turned two neither of them would go anywhere near it. Given that cottage cheese is a great source of protein, vitamin B-12 and calcium (25% more than Greek yogurt!) I was trying to sneak it into dishes and EVERYONE (the hubs included) would complain about it and not eat the meals. So I gave up….until now that is.

gay lea cottage cheese


Enter Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese! I was able to trick everyone into thinking they were eating yogurt! Available in creamy and delicious Vanilla BeanSalted Caramel and Lemon flavours, Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese can be enjoyed on its own, or paired with your favourite toppings. We haven’t tried all the flavours yet but we have been enjoying the Vanilla Bean cups and each one is packed with 10g of protein and has only 110 calories which makes it a great breakfast for those with a sweet tooth looking to avoid the calories. Little Monkey has been requesting the cottage cheese cups as her daily treat in her lunch box – now that’s a treat I don’t mind giving! 

Gay lea smooth cottage cheese


While I’d love to sneak the 100g cups in my purse for an afternoon pick me up at work, I’ve been saving them for home consumption. If the cheese hating hubs can be tricked into having Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese for breakfast, then surely the kids can be tricked into thinking it’s candy! I’ve been quite lazy and serving the cottage cheese in fancy glassware with a dollop of jam and some crushed cereal and fruit. Doesn’t it look fancy?

It’s also the perfect addition to any smoothie, shake, cake, and muffins for a guilt-free enhancement.There’s plenty of ways to enjoy this innovative new product and I’m eager to try incorporating it into my mom’s walnut carrot loaf over the holidays when I visit their B&B!

Did you know about Gay Lea’s new Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese?