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Untitled design (3) (Custom)So you’re NEVER going to believe this, but we just flew to Europe with just our hand luggage. Yes. All FOUR of us and only three hand luggages and a purse. Why? Only because we we didn’t want to risk our bags not arriving into Brussels as we were just there for a weekend. A friend recommended we travel with just a hand luggage and I laughed. Then I thought I’d try it. Not only did I succeed I LOVE our funky new luggage. It takes a while to find the best luggage set for each family and I know we thought about it quite a bit. We think we found the best set for our family and are giving one away to a North American reader thanks to!


Disclosure : I received a complimentary luggage set, but as always, opinions are totally mine.


overstock luggage. best luggage for families, Little Monkey has a new Heys Disney Princess suitcase she received for her birthday and she was SO excited to finally fly with it versus just dragging it from her room to our living room. We recently chose a three piece luggage set from O.Co. as it was time we upgraded to hardtop suitcases verus the cloth ones hubby brought along when he moved in. I was ready for some FUN bright colours and I was looking for a set that would not only be light weight but also offer a variety of sizes to take us from over night trips to month long travels.

Having read some tips on luggage buying I knew we’d be happy with this poly carbonate FUNKY graffiti set. Light weight, multi compartments, spinning and rolling meant that it fit all our needs. We checked in the beer we bought back and the white suitcase is still white…now that says something I reckon! 

Since its October 1999 launch, ( customers have saved millions of dollars off manufacturers’ recommended retail prices.Yes shopping in Canada we tend to get dinged with taxes (and quite a bit!) but what I like is that there are no added duty fees upon receipt and all international fees are included upon checkout. Which means no surprises when the mail man refuses to handover the package until you pay the additional fees and duties! The $300 set ends up being $480 after taxes and shipping to Canada and I couldn’t find this particular set on any other site. has many DAILY flash sales and deals so the smart way to shop would be to keep an eye on these. Of course if you’re like us and travel to the States often, then I have my stuff shipped to our hotel and then I avoid the extra taxes and shipping costs.  I also like the fact that has a couple ways of giving back to the communities. From pet adoptions to promoting fair trade and locally sourced artisans, they have various ways of engaging in ethical and socially responsible efforts.


graffiti luggageEnough about us and the luggage.. here’s your chance to win a set if you live in North America! Yup.. all three pieces in the Graffiti style. Good luck and be sure to check out our other giveaways that are part of our Holiday Gift Guide!



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