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Personalized Kids Book with photoAs you know I’m all about the experiences when it comes to gifts and if I’m buying something tangible, it has to be darn good! As I was prepping for my Christmas shopping I discovered HeyWow! and was very intrigued. Two years ago we gifted our nephew a personalized “Lost My Name” book and this year we were able to take it up a notch and gifted his sister a HeyWow! book with pictures of her! We do have a giveaway so keep on reading!


After running a successful kickstarter campaign early last year, HeyWow!, a personalized kids book company, launched a couple months before Christmas. Designed by a mom and dad duo, the book we gifted was called “In the City”. It featured city images with the child creatively inserted into the various story lines. It’s a seek and find adventure where children aged 1-6 can discover themselves within 12 busy city scenes. It’s a bit like “Where’s Waldo” but kids search for themselves instead! Little Monkey was SO excited to give this gift to her cousin.


It took me about 10 minutes to determine which picture of my niece to feature (you only need one picture!) and upload to the HeyWow! site. My work was done after that and about 3 weeks later a nicely wrapped book arrived from Scotland. This is one gift you have to plan ahead, so keep that in mind.


Heywow kids book

I was a bit anxious about the quality of the book but was very impressed by the final product. My niece did say that the personalized kids book with her face in it was her favourite gift of all the things she received on Christmas day. I think that’s a pretty solid win because Grandma was in full form and gave all the grand kids plenty of awesome toys!


When a book is a two year old child’s favourite gift in a pile of toys and clothes, you know it’s AWESOME!


hey wow kids book review


The parenting duo, Lorna and Daniel, met in art school and between the two of them they have the design and creative skills to come up with loads more stories. I hope they come up with a version where we can drop both Baby Boy and Little Monkey’s faces into one book. They have two kids the same age as mine so I’m sure they’re on the task themselves! HeyWow! has generously offered one of our readers the chance to win a book so go on and enter below!


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