1. Dave Foxall
    June 15, 2017 @ 7:49 am

    Great post.
    If you ever return, definitely check out Abirradero in Poble Sec (same neighbourhood as Le Sec) but with 40 taps. Some brewed on the premises and the majority are Spanish. Definitely something for everybody.
    Also, one I can’t see on the map (maybe my eyes are failing) is La Mès Petita, near the Plaza España. Only 8 taps but the owner is real brewmaster and having opened in 2013, it’s one of the longer standing craft beer bars in the city.
    Stay thirsty.


    • Yashy
      June 15, 2017 @ 6:07 pm

      These are fab! Thank you for sharing them and definitely putting it on our list for next time. Hopefully some of our readers will be able to check it out on their visit!


  2. kathy downey
    June 16, 2017 @ 4:02 pm

    Thanks for the post if i’m ever in Barcelona i will need to know where to get the good beer.Have a super weekend !


  3. nicky
    June 25, 2017 @ 11:27 pm

    Wow! This is the kind of place my hubby would just love.


  4. Clavin F.
    October 17, 2017 @ 2:40 pm

    Not a frequent drinker but this is interesting nonethless.


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