Fashion Friday | Taking a Stroll

One bright sunshiney day the Little Monkey and my dad went for a stroll as Baby Boy and I lagged behind them. Half way through my dad decided that since the Little Monkey was pushing her own stroller than he’d push Baby Boy so I could continue browsing on my phone (ahem!). What ensued was kinda funny… every time my dad ooo-ed and aah-ed or bent down to check on Baby Boy, The Little Monkey did the same. Of course I am trigger happy when it comes to photos so I scored quite a collection. For today’s Fashion Friday here’s a few pictures of that sunny day. Can’t believe we have a gloomy weekend ahead. Happy Friday everyone!




Nickelodeon Dora T Shirt

  Joe Fresh Jean Shorts

  Reebok Shoes

 Accessories : Spring by Hauck Stroller and Small Bun10269410_709420862887_7195535358851901335_n 10177502_709420832947_7117257706276026073_n