Fashion Friday | New Do’

The weekend is here and we’re leaving the kids with the grandparents and jetting off on our first flight together without the kids! We’ve booked an awesome package through Porter Escapes and will be spending the weekend eating and drinking in Pittsburgh and will be doing our best to sleep in as much as possible. Yesterday after school I bribed Little Monkey with the promise of a lollipop after a haircut! As you know, I have no qualms about grandparents babysitting for us and so it’ll be a stress free weekend (for us anyway!). You may recall that Little Monkey has only allowed us to cut the bangs and the sides because she’s trying to grow her hair like Rapunzel….yesterday she allowed us to even things out and so we’re finally on the slow journey to having a decent hairstyle (hopefully by the time summer rolls around!).

I’m off to go throw some stuff into a backpack ( I know!!! Travelling light!)….Happy Friday everyone!


Fashion friday, kids fashion northface snow suit






 Blue Carters Sweater

 Pink North Face Snowdrift Bib

 Boggs Boots
kids haircut toronto