Fashion Friday | Baptism Suit

As you know Baby Boy was Baptised last weekend and luckily for me the Mother-in-Love had a cute little white outfit for him! I was planning on him wearing the hubs’ Christening dress, just like the Little Monkey did, but completely forgot that he’d need something white underneath the hand knitted robe Baby Boy’s Great Grandmother had made over 37 years ago. The outfit was a bit big on him so I’m hoping we’ll get to wear it a couple more times over the summer.


How cute is the whole combo of shorts, vest, shirt and built in bow tie? No brand tags on the outfit though…all I know is that it was purchased at the Kiddy Kidswear Store in Toronto. There was a hat that came along but I thought it a bit too much!

IMG_6398 IMG_6399 IMG_6416