The Parenting Styles of a Family on the Move

Parenting to Go Parenting StylesAfter Yashy’s 5 day solo trip to Victoria, Chris and Yashy discuss how the kids’ attitudes have changed over the years when a parent is away. Chris relates his brief experience as a solo parent and describes how he managed to get through the week unscathed, which included a Friday night family viewing of The Wizard of Oz (11:20), one of the kids’ favourite new films and one with some important lessons on perception.

Later in the show, Chris and Yashy discuss their approach to parenting on a number of topics, including conversations with the kids about Gay Pride month and intolerance (22:28). Included in the topics are the couple’s approach toward extracurricular activities (27:00), homework (33:58), discipline (36.45) and screen time (39:38)

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