Family Friendly Fun at Blue Mountain Resort #MurphysDoBlueMountain

what to do at blue mountain with babyOne thing I wondered about before we visited Blue Mountain Resort was, “will there be enough things for all of us to do?”. I’m back to report that there’s plenty to do for all ages and through all seasons. We were only there for a weekend in April and I didn’t have enough time to even do half the things on offer. Never mind the fact that most of the summer activities weren’t even fully open! The entire resort is extremely stroller friendly and offers wide areas for kids to run, jump and just be themselves.


Disclosure : Our visit was in partnership with Blue Mountain Resort, but,  as always, opinions are TOTALLY ours! 



As you may recall, we were on a multi-generational trip with ages spanning from 2 to 78 on this trip and so I had to be cautious that everyone had something to do . The below video will give you a glimpse into some of the fun we got up to outside of our Westin Hotel and its kids club and pool.



While I could easily have spent the day dining through the many restaurants on site, we knew we had to keep my parents and my grandparents occupied, or else they’d have been glad to laze around the hotel all day and night. So what did we do as a family?


Plunge! Aquatic Centre : This was without a doubt Little Monkey’s favourite spot. With an indoor and outdoor pool and water playground, it’s every under 10 year old’s happy place. Even on the cold day we visited, the water was heated to perfection. My parents were happy to lounge around in the hot tub and my grandmother was able to chill nearby even though she wasn’t swimming with the rest of us. Please note that there is a fee to enter, even if you aren’t swimming. Kids 2 and under are free and there’s a 10% discount if you purchase more than 4 tickets in one go.


Cascade Putting Course : It was extremely windy during our visit and we were bundled up a bit but this was my grandmother’s favourite activity. I mean come one, tell me you wouldn’t enjoy watching a 78 year old lady clad in a sari swing some balls around the green? Even Baby Boy got in on the action at the 18-hole miniature golf course and while we didn’t take ourselves seriously at all, I think the hubs and my dad did! It took us about an hour and a half with all the delays but luckily for us, it was just us on the course. A perk of visiting during the shoulder season!


Rock Climbing : I was so impressed by Little Monkey’s determination here. She strapped herself in and gave it a go numerous times. Even my mom got into the action, though she didn’t get very far ( definitely further than I would have though!!). Given the wind, we had the wall all to ourselves and our guide was very patient with everyone and didn’t even bat an eye when the hubs made it all the way to top and back three times! Again, this is because we were visiting during a less busy day and I would assume there would be a strict time limit otherwise.


Crock a Doodle : I kept promising Little Monkey we’d paint something fun but it wasn’t until the very last hour before we had to leave the resort that we all ended up at the paint your own pottery spot. Things are laid out nicely and there’s something in every price range but my advice is to get there at the start of your trip if you don’t want to pay extra for shipping. Despite knowing that we only got there on the last day and so we paid to have Little Monkey’s dog and Baby Boy’s egg shipped to us (was only $15 for a small box within Canada). I was impressed that the goods arrived within the week and while we sadly broke Baby Boy’s egg before he even saw it (don’t worry, he forgot all about it), Little Monkey’s blue doggy is seated on our bookshelf, bringing smiles of our time at Blue Mountain. It’s a fun activity and my mom was more than happy to help Little Monkey paint her item. Next time  my mom’s got her eye on a bowl of her own! I personally loved that the paint washed off the clothes very easily!



I must mention that one night the hubs and I snuck out for a drink at a pub while the rest of the family slept. So there’s definitely some nightlife on site for those looking to click their dancing shoes or listen to some live bands with a pint in hand. We also spotted a Glama Gals spa and I know Little Monkey would have loved a visit but I took my mom and grandmother to the Iwa spa instead! I was always hesitant to visit to Blue Mountain during the winter because we aren’t into the winter sports just yet, but having visited in April, I now know that no matter which season you visit, there’s plenty of organized activities (some of which are free!) and attractions on offer. The summer line up looks awesome, I must admit. We’re seriously thinking of returning to visit the Blue Mountain Beach, hop on the Ridge Runner (for those aged 3 and up) and go kayaking on Mill Pond. There’s even movie screenings, story time, guided walks and summer camps on offer, so it’s definitely a popular spot for Ontario  and Upstate New York families.

If you’re still looking for summer getaways or planning ahead to your winter weekends, check out the Blue Mountain Resort and I’m sure you’ll find quite a few things that will keep you and your family busy and active with smiles on your faces!

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