Fallsview Indoor Waterpark for Toddlers

As part of Little Monkey’s birthday surprise we not only stayed at the Sheraton on the Falls but we also got the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark package which allowed us to spend an entire 24 hours splashing around. Is the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark for toddlers? We found out that the answer is yes…if they’re tall and adventurous enough. Today we’re sharing all about our experience jumping through waves and rushing down the slides. I got some awesome pictures during our visit here and it was challenging not to flood them on Instagram and so if you enjoyed the teasers I’ve shared during the last month, you’ll love the video I’ve put together.

Disclosure : We received complimentary access as part of our hotel package, but as always, opinions are totally mine! 


Fallsview indoor waterpark for a toddlerOur hotel  (Sheraton) was connected to the waterpark so we didn’t even need to wear a jacket to head over to the waterpark. Tackling those crazy slides and tubes looked daunting and my main challenge that weekend was to get past that intimidation and force myself down the slides.

There are lockers available for rent at the waterpark but we didn’t use them as we brought over our stroller and stashed everything in it. The space is very kid and stroller friendly. They even hand out free swim diapers should you need it! We weren’t sure if newly minted 3 year old Little Monkey would enjoy the waterpark because she didn’t meet all the height requirements but after spending two hours at the waterpark on the day we checked in and then again the following day, the answer is yes. It’s toddler approved. It was a family affair so we had the grand parents and cousins along for the trip and it was interesting watching the three year olds run around versus the babies crawl around.


Baby Boy was excited to get into anything and everything, the Tiny Tots Splash Pad was perfect for him and he enjoyed crawling around the shallow pools. The water here was warm and so us adults were often found here under the pretense of watching the kids. While the entire space is quite hot and humid, most of the water slides had cool refreshing water to balance it out.


This isn’t an extremely large area but there’s plenty to keep kids occupied. I saw quite a few tweens having fun but definitely not enough here for the teens. Little Monkey enjoyed the Tiny Tots Splashpad, The Beach House slides (she was only able to go on one as she was shorter than the 40” requirement for most) and the Tidal Wave Pool. The yellow waterslide was her favourite and both the hubs and I took turns going down with her. There was a Jungle Beach Playland for those kids that want to remain dry, but we didn’t get a chance to explore that because Little Monkey is a bit of a mermaid. There are also crazy toobs and slides for older kids and adults and of course the hubs and I ran away to test these out. We loved some and thought some were just okay. Our favourite was the Toob Tower where we were able to go down the tube together; the mat slides were a bit too rough and going face first meant that my eyes were closed the whole time. The Canadian Plunge is quite fun too. From ground level they all look so daunting but I challenged myself to go on them, especially since I saw 7 year olds whizzing past me!

We didn’t snack here but there is a Planet Hollywood Beach Club that has your usual diner fare, including drinks for the adults! If you forgot flip flops or wanted to buy a souvenir there’s a guest shop at the entrance by the lockers and they have you covered on pretty much anything you may need. There’s also an outdoor patio and pool which is kept open during most seasons – wonder what that feels like during a light snow day!


Here’s some tips if you plan to visit

1) Don’t bring any swim toys or flotation devices as they’re not allowed. The only spot you’d need them is in the Tidal Wave Pool but they don’t allow anything in there except for the single person rings (and no you can’t carry a baby with you in it) which they provide. It’s all in the name of safety.

2) Bring your stroller with you if you have kids who nap on different schedules. Baby Boy took his naps whilst Little Monkey ran around and had fun and it also helped us stow away some valuables without needing a locker

3) Dress light. It’s humid in the waterpark, which is going to be awesome in the winter but I’m not sure if they cool down the place in the summer. On a cool fall day it was the perfect way for us to hang around in shorts and flip flops.

4) Bring waterproof shoes. Goes without saying but some people (the hubs!) didn’t think he’d need them. You definitely need them, especially when taking toddlers to the bathroom on site.


fallsview indoor waterpark coupon, waterpark torontoIf you’re looking to escape this winter with a quick weekend getaway, we highly recommend taking a look at the Fallsview Resort and the Indoor Waterpark. It’s within easy driving distance and gives you the feeling of being somewhere hot and humid without spending on airfare. Mind you there’s a couple other resorts in the area and we haven’t been to those, so we can’t really compare how they stack up against each other.

Our hotel was connected to the waterpark so we didn’t even need to wear a jacket to head over to the waterpark. The best way to enjoy the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is with a packaged stay at one of the many hotels connected to the Fallsview Resort but you can also buy day passes should you wish to do so. Regular general admission to the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is $44.95 (plus tax), however we’ve received a Fallsview Indoor Waterpark Coupon to share with our readers. You can purchase day passes in advance for $34.95 (plus tax) through this link. Remember that children under the age of 2 are free.


kids splashpadIf you have a toddler who loves slides and is a bit adventurous, they’ll love this spot. If they prefer to take things slow, the splashpad and wave pool will be your best bet but you may feel you weren’t getting your money’s worth if you don’t go down at least one slide! SPLASH away and check out some other Instagram bloggers who are sharing their travel stories. My favourite picture was this one I captured of Little Monkey and the hubs coming down the slide… well timed don’t you think?