Pizzeria Liberetto | Kid Friendly Restaurants

dining out with baby in Toronto, I know what you’re thinking … Pizza? REAAALLLY? Well you want to check out Pizzeria Liberetto’s Danforth location next time you’re looking to eat out with a baby or have a bunch of kids in tow. They’ve been touted as being one of Toronto’s top Pizza joints by many a foodie and while I’ve dined at their Ossington location, which is tiny and perhaps not as kid friendly, the Danforth location has ample space and surprising details that scream ‘bring your kids here for some dang good pizza!

Given that it was the long weekend I called for an impromptu visit and was told that the wait time could be anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes (they do take reservations though, so plan ahead if you can) but could also be less. We’d been out all day exploring the Danforth, it was close to 9 p.m and while I was a bit dubious about risking a long wait time so close to bedtime, we decided to pop by since we were in the area. Well what do you know… we were promptly whisked away to the basement and given a private room! Well helloo now. Great way to wind down my birthday with the family exploring the Danforth (check out #MurphysDoDanforth if you’d like to see where all we went!)

On arrival the hostess gladly volunteered to park our stroller (we had the big one since we wanted her to be comfy during nap time on the go) and told us not to even bother folding it up. Nice! Downstairs we loved the private room, just incase the Little Monkey wanted to roam around given the long day she’d had- ironically we had the space but she was a gem! Seated in her high chair all evening without a peep!


Service was very friendly but I think we caught them during a shift change which meant that we got an extra plate of their Ricotta Gnocchi Fritti and I wasn’t complaining because we all (including the baby) loved it! I was dunking my bread in the house-made crema fresca with rosemary and lemon..mmm. One of our pizzas also came out without cheese, which was a bit odd but they eventually brought us an extra scoop of cheese to sprinkle on.  I was surprised by the variety of vegetarian pizzas on offer (much to my mom’s glee!)  though we did ofcourse get some meat ones as well. Favourites include the House Made Sausage (which has chili oil sprinkled on it), Cremini Mushroom and the Nduja Sausage. Libretto prides themselves on using local natural ingredients to make a true Naples style Pizza which is cooked in a wood fired oven (built by a 3rd generation pizza oven maker in Naples) at extremely high heat – so high that the pizza bakes in less than 90 seconds!! Which meant that food came out pretty quickly!  A true blessing when you’re dining out with kids.

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What really sealed the deal for Pizzeria Liberetto (in addition to the delicious eats) was the fact that both the men’s and women’s washrooms had change tables and a little footstool for the kids to reach the sinks! Very nice touches.





Definitely recommend checking out this spot if you’re looking to dine out with extended family or with kids in Toronto as there’s a great family friendly vibe.