Mill St. Beer Hall | Kid Friendly Restaurants

IMG_20130810_173944Beer Hall and baby don’t usually go together but our recent visit to the Mill Street Beer Hall proved them to be quite baby friendly! No visit to the distillery district will ever be complete now without a visit here. Not only do they have high chairs and change pads in both the men’s and women’s washroom, but most of the servers are kid friendly and will even try to find a table that will house your industrial sized stroller!

A selection of their beers are pumped through copper encased beer lines and the system also services a copper still that is used to distill the new Mill St. Bierschnaps. The beer samplers are a great way to try out various beers on offers and the bites we enjoyed were definitely delish! Highlights include the finger licking cheesy beer sauce that came with the pretzels, the fish tacos (good chunky flesh and relatively spicy) and the potato and ricotta dumplings. The little one loved the taco and the sausages.

If you’re wondering or saw my tweets.. yes I really did lick that Tankhouse Ale Aged Cheddar and Mustard sauce and have been dreaming of it ever since! The Little Monkey loved the crayons and table mat provided to her. Once a couple of our friends left she had room to stand around the back end of the table, luckily in no one’s way! If you have an active toddler perhaps the round table to the left of the back entrance (off the patio) is your best bet! There were many families there and a few with young kids, so word’s getting out! Drink your beer and have your kids enjoy the delicious eats! 



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Sadly they were out of the empanadas and I’ll have to be back for those, the fondue and the flat breads! We got a table indoors and was relatively out of the busy hustle and bustle but perhaps next time we’ll lounge in the kickass patio they have going! The decor, communal tables and overall vibe of the place lends itself as a great spot for group gatherings and while it screams summer lovin’ I think it would be a cozy spot come winter (minus the actual battle with snow in the Distillery District).