Eating out with baby – Kebab Grill

Growing up in the Middle East means I’m super picky with my Arabic food. It has to be fantastic for me to rave about it. I’m still on the hunt for my perfect Shawarma. You know the kind that you get from Tarbouche in Dubai. I’ll settle for the Automatic Grill version too. Well if you don’t know, let me tell you… I’m yet to find that quality in Toronto. However in my search for decent Arabic food my brother introduced me  to Kebab Grill. It has been our go to take out spot since we discovered it last summer.


Beef and Cheese Manakeesh


Mixed Shawarma Platter











What I didn’t realize was how baby friendly they are! Upstairs is a full sit down area complete with high chairs. Their service is super speedy so the wait is pretty much non existent. The ambience is complete with Burqa clad ladies trying their best to dine out in public discretely. Completely reminds me of Dubai. Be nice if you go in and you’re a male… try to sit away from these ladies so that they can peacefully enjoy their meals. If  there’s no other males around these women will gladly sit facing a wall and be able to eat without the facial covering.





Take out – Shawarma plate, Manakeesh and Shish Tawook


Falafel plates and Pizza












Back to Kebab Grill, fresh Lebanese meals well prepared with a touch of the Middle East. I’ve pretty much sampled most of the menu items and can confidently say that the Manakeesh (or pizza as they’re North Americanizing it) receives my full seal of approval. Almost as fab as the ones at Al Reef Bakery in Dubai and priced at under $4 the prices match Dubai as well! The shawarma sandwiches have the full on thick garlic paste and turnip pickles making it authentic for me. The Kebab Grill plates are filled with succulent meats, good hummus and I always get the Tabouli as the ‘salad’ accompaniment.

This is great spot for take out or eat in if you’re looking for good Arabic in downtown Toronto.  Apparently they have an outdoor shisha lounge during the summer, I’m yet to see or sniff my way here.