Eating out with Baby | Le Caveau #MurphysDoNS

IMG_7665 (Custom)During our two night stay in Wolfville when we were on the #MurphysDoNS roadtrip we explored the Annapolis wine region very briefly and ended up at the Le Domaine de Grand Pré‘s restaurant for lunch. We spent a very picturesque afternoon with Baby Boy and Little Monkey at Le Caveau, in the heart of the Annapolis Valley. This place has been named one of the top winery restaurants in the world and with good reason we found out!


On arrival one Monday afternoon we were ushered to their terrace (there are steps and luckily we had no strollers with us…parking is right on premise so there’s no need for a stroller here) and we were in awe at the little gazebo like setup. Looking for some shade the host graciously moved around the large wooden table to accommodate us and we enjoyed a very leisurely lunch in a surprisingly kid friendly environment. I  bet the terrace would be stunning during the dinner run, lit up and twinkly under the stars. Tres romantic!

IMG_20140630_132854 (Custom)



Not only did they have a high chair and changing table but they also brought out crayons, books and some stickers for the Little Monkey. Definitely was not expecting that at a winery, but then again…this is true East Coast hospitality! We had spent the hour before at their wine boutique learning all about their varietals and so I quickly opted to enjoy a glass of Rosé. The glass came out a bit late and the server was extremely apologetic and even gave it to me on the house.



Let’s get to the meal shall we? We lucked out by dining at two fabulous spots during our stay in the Wolfville area and Le Caveau is definitely the most memorable meal during our two weeks of travelling. Not only was our server extremely friendly but he gave us some good advice on which dishes to get to satisfy our mood. There was plenty to choose from their global menu featuring local produce but we gravitated towards the seafood appetizers as we were nibbling our way through the county.


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IMG_7673 (Custom)We were on a chowder spree so ofcourse we got the Lobster and Scallop Chowder which was most excellent! The crab cakes were done very well and while Little Monkey chowed on that chowder, Baby Boy enjoyed the crab cakes. He may have eaten more than his grandmother did! I got the seafood terrine and it was definitely one of the more unique ways I’ve sampled seafood. I’d love to attempt this for our wine club one day but I don’t think I’d be able to do it justice!

We had been snacking all day long as we visited the farms in the area so I was unable to enjoy dessert but this is one of those spots that I’d make it a point to get back to on my next trip out east. If you’re in the area…definitely swing by. It’s absolutely charming and your taste buds will thank you!