Chilling Out in Toronto

winter in torontoThis holiday season we wanted to escape towards somewhere warm but in the end we ended up enjoying the pristine first snow falls and the comforts of my parents’ Niagara bed and breakfast. We ate, drank and slept in until noon. Well,  the kids woke up around 8 or 9 a.m. but Chris and I got to sleep in until noon. Next week the kids head back to school and this weekend it’s just the four of us at home. No more grandparents to molly coddle the kids or me, sadly. It’s back to regular programming as the last of our holiday guests have left us. The weather outside is ghastly but it’s ever so pretty. Escaping downtown Toronto to visit cousins in Oakville meant that we got to enjoy the white stuff in it’s freshest state and the kids were bundled in their new snow gear grandma sent. I gotta admit, Grandma has some good fashion choices and knows which brands work best for the -33 C weather we’re having!


Leaving you this Friday with a few pictures of Little Monkey enjoying winter in Ontario!



Grey and Pink Columbia bib

White and Grey The North Face Reversible Mossbud Swirl Jacket


Hot Pink The North Face Mittens

Black and Pink Bogs Boots

Sparkly Pink Santa Hat from Target

best kids winter jacket