Dining out with Baby | Brooklyn Warehouse #MurphysDoNS

Our first full day in Halifax was a busy one on the waterfront and the hubs made us walk over to the North End that evening to explore the area he used to live at. Of course much has changed, except for the popular movie store (yes.. one still exists) and we dined out at the Brooklyn Warehouse with a baby and toddler. Not only were we invited to dine here but many friends had recommended the spot as well…all with good reason!

A very chill vibe with cool wooden decor greeted us at the Brooklyn Warehouse. A bistro meets pub style ambiance is what can be expected here. I totally loved the cutlery embedded on the front steps of the restaurant. We brought in our double stroller and they were nice enough to let us park it by our table as Baby Boy was taking a nap when we got there (but then woke up shortly after!). There’s only one high chair here so be sure to make a reservation if possible  or ask for a seat with a bench/booth set up. The evening we visited there were three other tables with young kids along, so this is a popular spot for families to enjoy fine craft cocktails and farm to table dishes.


The menu changes daily and most likely why locals keep coming back to this spot! I ordered the daily soup for Baby Boy and the Little Monkey to share, but of course Baby Boy ended up eating most of it! Since we’re on the East Coast my goal was to devour as much seafood as possible and so we started off with Nova Scotia Scallops in a Curried Cauliflower puree, Nova Scotia Oysters in a Rhubarb Mignonette and a Salmon Tartare that had a tahini vin which was awesome! Needless to say, all  three dishes satisfied our seafood craving.



We got a Snap Pea Salad for the Little Monkey and she ate the peas and wontons but the hubs had to finish off the greens-typical. After all that seafood, for my entree I chose the Beef Shank Ragout with  the fluffiest deep fried gnocchi (Little Monkey at half of them!) and the hubs decided to stick to the seafood theme and enjoyed the Halibut in a piccata sauce. One thing I must say is that for a casual bistro, these guys take their plating very seriously. I loved that our dishes came out looking very garden fresh! Flowers adorned many of our meals and it was that little touch that really makes this a spot we’d return to on another visit.



I ended our leisurely meal with a Chocolate Terrine (how can you say no to that!!). Both kids behaved themselves which always makes for a great evening and the Little Monkey had enough space to play on the seat with her figurines when she needed a small break. Of course she would pop over to the other side to see what Baby Boy was up to (eating, as always) but no one seemed to mind the three walking breaks she took.

Definitely a spot I’d recommend to those visiting Halifax and to my local friends out there. If you’re visiting and living in the downtown core, this spot is a very short cab ride away, or a twenty minute walk. We walked both ways and I was glad, as I needed the exercise after all the eating we did!




  1. Anonymous
    Nov 22, 2014 @ 14:22:24

    Have never been East can’t wait to go & visit


  2. Wendy
    Dec 03, 2014 @ 11:47:02

    I’ll have to go there sometime!


  3. Suzie M
    Dec 10, 2014 @ 11:48:56

    I Have always wanted to go to the East coast


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