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Beados entered our home  3 years ago and when Little Monkey was merely 3 years old, she was totally into it. Fast forward three years and she’s just as excited! For her recent birthday her grandmother (who really is the queen of the hottest toys!) gifted her with the new Beados Teenez  Style ‘n’ Go Designer Studio set and Little Monkey asked if she could make a YouTube video. How could I say no? She watches plenty of toy YouTubers and it seems like she has picked up a trick or two! While her Grandma did buy a set for her, we reached out to our friends at Beados to see if they could offer one up as a prize for you and we’re in luck….you can win a Beados Teenez set!


When she was 3 she occasionally was frustrated when she couldn’t get the bead in the right place and sure enough, her patience levels seems to be the same now! Her video is quite entertaining for her first one so I’ll let you watch it for yourself!


What we love about Beados is how it entertains Little Monkey. Of course the no mess, no fuss, no glue angle is also my favourite. With the new Beados Teeneez Studiot your child can store and transport their Beados easily. The container is absolutely fabulous. It did take Little Monkey a couple days to get comfortable turning the compartments and squeezing the levers to close the unit but she’s a pro now.  Kids use the stencils to guide them in dropping individual coloured beads to form the pattern and they then spray it with water before allowing it to dry. You then use the design to attach on to the necklace, rings or bracelets. This new set does a great job at storing the beads safely and the pen with this kit is better than any of the previous ones we’ve tested. Keep in mind that the beads are very tiny and easily bounce around. Something you want to keep in mind if you have younger siblings crawling around. I did read up all about ingesting them JUST in case. We also only use these at home and never during our travels.

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We already know that we’ll be gifting her with some refill packs for Christmas, because it keeps her busy and out of our hair! Not only are Beados fun and encourage imaginative play but they also help develop fine motor skills and assist with colour recognition. The Designer studio came with everything she needed to make rings, charms and bracelets – all things she’s into. With this set the Beados are functional versus the previous ones where she just designed them and then forgot about it after (We still have ones from 3 years ago in our toys boxes!). I’m encouraging her to gift the ones she makes which means we’ll have less Christmas gifts to buy! 🙂



If this is your first time hearing about Beados, check out our earlier review.

It’s true, innovation really is a wonderful thing! If you’re looking for something crafty for the good kids on your list, Beados gets our nod of approval. They can be purchased at Walmart, Toys R’US and Chapters Indigo.

Enter below to win a set – Canada only. Good Luck!

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