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The life of Maternity Leave Mom – Jealous?

I often get ask … “You must be so busy… Do you ever get out?” or “How do you fill your time?”… two different questions depending on what sort of personality is asking the question. There’s a myth that new moms are often overwhelmed and under stimulated and let me tell you that…it is true for the most part, but it is up to us to figure out the lifestyle we want to lead during our government granted “holiday” here in Canada.

You heard me whine a couple times, especially in the start, about how I was bored and needed mental stimulation. Well I figured it out (sort of)… I started blogging and this has kept me sane because  it has me thinking about what to blog about next and also encourages me to go out and find new things to do, explore and taste out! I’m super pumped by my readers who send encouraging emails (not too many comments on the  blog though!).

I’ve been fortunate to have some lovely friends in my circle who are also on a bit of a sabatical.. either for maternity, soul searching or just down right exhausted,  reasons and they have been part of my band of merry women.

So for those who’d like to know how I  keep myself busy  (apart from looking after the Little Monkey and fending to household and wifely  duties) here’s my unending list….


1) Enter contests : I participate in contests that are easy to enter..atleast once a day. It helps keep my competitive streak in check. I seem to win quite a few, nothing big like the lottery or a $10,000 vacation.  Sadly.

2) Attend random events : There’s so many things happening, you just have to find them. Like being part of a talk show audience, foodie events, or attending mommy and baby classes. Next up, I’m going to be part of a Cityline make over …can’t wait  for my new hair do!

3) Making new friends : Just today I met a group of new moms in my  building  by kick starting a mommy and me club. Hoping we can add to the events I mentioned in no. 2.

4) Dates : Lots of lunch and patio dates.…this city has so many hidden gems, all for me to explore. mmm food.

5) Vege out in front of the Tv : I used to and  still do watch a lot of tv… Some amazing, some so-so. My shows are endless : Gossip Girl, 90210, Homeland, The Killing, Mad Men, Nurse Jackie, Desperate Housewives, Pan Am,  Private Practice, Twin Peaks, Modern  Family, Ringer, Greys Anatomy …and now day time shows as well.  I  might have a problem.

6) Random walks : Some days I just find errands for the sake of getting out. It’s very rare but  it does happen.

7) Curves : I recently joined Curves… Four days ago.  I’ve been there every day. Impressed? My body isn’t, she’s screaming out in pain.

8 ) Social Media : I’m on it.. LIKE ALL THE TIME. Twitter has been my main addiction. So many new people and ideas out there…all for me to find.

9) Travels : I need more of these. We’ve visited a few countries and had a Canadian excursion in the past five months … but I need MORE.

10) Blogging : You’re here.. need I say more?


Jealous much?

Now the main challenge is keeping busy, entertained and out and about on a budget! So if you’re looking for inspiration on things to do.. I hope the list above helps spark some excursions. And as always… share new finds with me!




7 Responses to “The life of Maternity Leave Mom – Jealous?”

  1. Krysten says:

    Yashi, I love your blog… And relate to many of things you talk about. I love that you started a mommy and me group in your building. Great idea. I also admire you for getting the time to write a blog. My baby is crying in her bassinet as I ignore her. I must go and pick her up!!

  2. Laurel says:

    Does it still count if you only attend the second half of events because it took so flipping long to get organized and get there? Ha ha ha.

  3. Umbreen says:

    That’s awesome yash! You’ve got a really interesting range of interests and who know where all the blogging will take you!

  4. loucheryl says:

    I wish I had HALF the time to do the things you did on maternity leave. I have two boys, 4 years and 7 months and I’m so busy with them. I love reading your blog.


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