360 CHICAGO TILT #MurphysDoChicago

Tall buildings with stunning views have always attracted me and any place we visit, I hunt these spots down. During our recent Chicago travels I had high hopes of visiting two such spots but with six adults and four kids we only managed to get to one of them, 360 CHICAGO. Located right by Lake Michigan this is one of the Chicago’s most frequented tourist spots and for #IGTravelThursday I’m sharing some of the stellar views we caught.

We had the Chicago City Pass which gave us access to 360 CHICAGO, including line bypass. However during our visit on a Saturday we had no issues getting in and it was not busy at all. Surely we lucked out! Once upstairs the kids had plenty of room to run around and we were able to park our strollers easily everywhere we went. We even camped out in a corner and my friend managed to get a breastfeeding session in. Baby Boy had a major spill and luckily my friend had a pair of extra pink pants which Baby Boy rocked proudly! He even crawled around in a diaper 1000 ft above Mag Mile! The tales he can tell as he gets older!


Our main goal as soon as we got to the 94th floor of the John Hancock Building was to get ourselves to TILT 1000 feet above Magnificent Mile and that’s just what we did. This feature had just opened a couple weeks before we visited so there was a special rate of $5 to experience this and all of us adults, except one jumped on it. Luckily we had one adult to watch the kids as we TILT-ed for those 60 odd seconds. So what is TILT? It is an enclosed glass case where you stand overlooking Magnificent Mile, along with 7 others and you literally TILT outward. First at a 18 degree angle, then 25 and finally 30. Was it scary? To be honest. Not at all. I kind of expected more… but it was still very cool to say we’ve done it. Would I do it again? Probably not. Mainly because the portion you TILT outwards from overlooks a big brown building and you don’t get that full scary experience. I would have liked to take my phone in with me to capture some cool shots but unfortunately we had to leave that before we stepped in, along with hats and keys. Much like during airport security check-in!





There’s a coffee shop and an interactive touch screen and multimedia audio tour, none of which we engaged with but I would have liked to learn more about the various buildings we were looking at (always next time right?). You definitely get a full 360 view of Chicago and on a clear day you can see 4 different states. If time permits a sunset here is definitely a must! I’d like to TILT at 180… how about you?

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