23 Great Pictures from Seville

Great Pictures SevilleAfter spending three nights in Seville, Spain, I have come to know three things: the residents of Seville have great taste in food, they spent a lot of time in church, and even more time driving around their city looking for a great parking spot. I am thankful for the first two. We ate some of our finest meals in Seville, including my favourite dish of the whole summer, and the city’s majestic churches are an apt reflection of Seville’s compassionate and very considerate citizens. As for the parking, well, let’s just say that after successfully parking a Jeep Renegade on the streets of Seville, I should be awarded a PHD in the discipline (I’ve included proof below).

As we did in most Spanish cities, we spent a lot of time walking, despite the 30 degree heat we experienced during our visit in mid-April. Our fantastic GuestToGuest home was slightly north of the city, which allowed us to explore the narrow weave of streets that led into town. Many are pedestrian only, but even those that allow vehicles are so narrow that no sane driver would expect to get anywhere fast. Only taxis use these roads regularly.

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Our trip to the city included two boat rides, one a tour along the Canal de Alfonso XIII, the second a family rowboat ride in front of the Plaza de España. Here are the best pictures from Seville:

Plaza de España

Star Wars fans might recognize the Plaza de España, from “Attack of the Clones”, and the site was also used in a few scenes of “Lawrence of Arabia”, one of my favorite films. Surrounded by Maria Luisa Park, the plaza is an amazing place for families. Horse and buggy rides are available as well as rowboat rentals, which our kids loved. I regret that we didn’t have more time to spend near the plaza.

Plaza de España Horse

A glimpse of life prior the 20th Century at the Plaza de España

Plaza de España Rowboats

Many visitors take advantage of the rowboat rentals in the beautiful waterway that lies before the plaza


Plaza de España Boats

Me doing all the work while everyone kicks back and relaxes





Architecture of Seville

The views inside and outside the many churches of Seville are stunning. The Seville Cathedral, at 11,520 square meters, is the third largest church in the world. Walk along any street in downtown Seville and you will probably find a church within a few minutes. Centuries ago, some were originally built as mosques, only to be converted to churches when Christians took over the city.

Seville Cathedral Altar

View of the Altar at the Seville Cathedral

Cathedral of Seville Altar

Skylight of the Cathedral of Seville.

Seville Cathedral Exterior

A look at the intricate carvings of the Seville Cathedral

Seville Cathedral Interior

Experiencing the interior of the Seville Cathedral is a must for anyone visiting the city

The Palace of San Telmo

The Palace of San Telmo, a building that has been used as a university, a seminary, and even a residence. It is now the seat of the presidency of the Andalusian Autonomous Government

Royal Parish of Omnium Sanctorum

The Royal Parish of Omnium Sanctorum. Originally a mosque, its main facade dates back to the 13th century.

Church of San Luis de los Franceses

Church of San Luis de los Franceses, an example of the Sevillian baroque.

Seville Tower

A view of the Seville Tower from our boat tour, one of the few tall buildings in the city.


Food of Seville

So good. We actually discovered that the famous Spanish siesta would work in our favour by showing up to restaurants before 7 pm. Most diners in Seville, residents and tourists alike, eat a late lunch and then a late dinner, leaving a lot of open tables in between for families with kids who are looking to dine early. Many places aren’t open, but we found a few that were, including La Bartola and El Rincon de Beruit.

Aubergine and Cod tower at La Bartola

The best dish I ate in Europe, the Aubergine and Cod tower at La Bartola

El Rincon de Beruit

Combinado Lubnany – Un poquito de todo! From our lunch at El Rincon de Beruit.

calamari at La Bartola

Quite possibly the perfect calamari at La Bartola

Funny Signs

Sevillians expect civility! Be polite when ordering a coffee here.

The Metropol Parasol

A very cool place to see the city, the Metropol Parasol is located in the old quarter of Seville. These giant wooden mushrooms give visitors a chance to gain an interesting perspective of the city. Admission is cheep, only 3 Euros at the time, and that includes a free drink on the roof. The kids loved exploring the uneven walkways.

Metropol Parasol

A look at some of the colourful buildings in the area.

Metropol Parasol

Quite the contrast to the surrounding buildings.

Metropol Parasol

A look at the beautiful layout of Seville

Metropol Parasol Elevator

Even the elevator to the top of the parasol places visitors in an unusual setting

Streets of Seville

No highways here. Walking the streets of Seville is an amazing experience. We discovered great architecture and outdoor spaces throughout the city centre. At many intersections, the street would split into multiple directions and we found ourselves doubling back a few times, even with the help of Google maps. It was a spider web of interconnecting streets and walkways. Oh, and the parking…I don’t understand why anyone would want to own a car in Seville!

Streets of Seville

We had to take our time moving through the streets of downtown Seville. At least the cars were moving no faster than our stroller could.

Seville Streets at Night

At many intersections, it was difficult to pick the right direction to go

Parallel Parking Seville

As promised, a look at my masterful parallel parking job. This took a while.


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