20 Great Pictures from Ronda, Spain

Pictures of RondaOur second stop of a family trip through Spain was Ronda, a city that was first settled by the Celts in 6th century BC and has since been occupied by the Roman Empire, the Visigoths, and the Berbers. Those who have visited the city will understand its appeal. Set atop a huge cliff that towers over the El Tajo Canyon, Ronda warrants consideration as one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

Amongst the city’s most ardent admirers were filmmaker Orson Welles and the novelist, Ernest Hemingway, who is said to have based a key section of his novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls, on historical accounts from the city. We spent two days and two nights exploring Ronda, even taking in a captivating Flamenco show one evening at El Quinque Restaurant, which was one of the most memorable nights of of our summer.


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Here are some of the best images we captured in the city:

The Three Bridges of Ronda

The El Tajo Canyon is spanned by three connecting bridges, El Puente Romano, Puente Viejo, and Puente Nuevo, the ‘newest’ of the three, which was completed in 1793. During our two days in the city, we tried to see the bridges from every possible angle and stood in awe of their beauty.

Atop the Bridges of Ronda

View from atop of the Bridges of Ronda. I made sure to hold on tightly to the Little Man.

Bridges of Ronda from Below

Visitors can traverse down the cliff on the South side to get a breathtaking view of the bridges from below.

Brides of Ronda from the North

On the North side, we were able to take a foot path along the top of the cliff to get an elevated view of the bridges

Exploring the Streets of Ronda

The bridges may get most of the attention, but the city of Ronda is great place to explore on foot. It contains the oldest bullfighting ring in Spain, an Arab Bath dating to the Moorish occupation of the city, and a number of charming outdoor restaurants and shops.

Bullfighting Ring Ronda

Built in 1784, the Plaza de toros de Ronda is the oldest bullfighting ring in Spain.

El Quinque Flamenco Show

Flamenco Show at El Quinque Restaurant. Highly recommended!

Fountain in Ronda

Having some fun at the fountain near the Casa don Bosco

City Center of Ronda

Trying to get out bearings in the city centre.

Decorative Plates Ronda

We found beautiful art for which we wish we had room in our suitcase.

Ronda Views

Taking in the view as we made our way down to visit the Arab baths.

Mirador de Ronda

The Mirador de Ronda provides one of the best views in the city. Visitors can take in the serine vistas of the gorge to the West as they relax in one of the city’s most popular destinations.

Mirador de Ronda

Musicians playing at the Mirador de Ronda, overlooking the valley.

Mirador de Ronda View

The view is certainly easy on the eyes.

Besties in Blue Jay Hats

El Mirador de Ronda

View of El Mirador de Ronda

Semana Santa

We first encountered the weeklong Semana Santa celebrations in Málaga, before catching the final few days in Ronda. These impressive Easter processions are an important part of Spanish culture.

Semana Santa Ronda

The floats are impressive, as is the muscle power that goes into carrying them.

Those participating in the procession wear penitential robes.

Sunsets overlooking El Tajo Canyon

As beautiful as the views were during the day, we captured a stunning sunset on our last night in the city, which also gave us a chance to take some great family photos in the twilight.

Ronda Sunset

Looking west from atop the cliffs of Ronda

A look into the hills and valleys of the region.

Baby and Life Family

Our family, just one week into a 21 week adventure through Europe and Morocco

Chris and Yashy Murphy

Hard to imagine a more relaxing place to vacation for 2 days in Spain

From Málaga to Ronda

On our way into town, the views along the roads into the city were filled with spectacular skies and beautiful countrysides. We had decided to rent a car to travel through Southern Spain. While it was tough to drive in the cities, cruising though the highways of the Andalusian region gave us a chance to capture rural Spain.

Drive to Ronda

Along the Spanish Countryside between the cities of Málaga and Ronda

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pictures of ronda