Toddler Approved Travel Snacks

With many a trip under our wings and many more lined up for the summer I’ve come to rely heavily on what many parents like to call ”snackertainment”. There’s something to be said about pulling out a “treat” to distract a toddler on the verge of a tantrum. It has worked for us 90% of the time and I do spend quite some time prepping the snack-bag (my purse!) prior to our travels. When the Little Monkey was younger I travelled with a mini cooler (beer coolers hold milk as well ;)) housed with milk and pureed baby food. Thankfully now that she’s a toddler I’ve found a bunch of new options that work better for a foodie trip. Not only are these snacks toddler approved but they’re also train, airline and road trip approved! I also have some of these in my handbag at all times because they’re great no matter where you are – in the air, at the supermarket or at a restaurant. I also like that these snacks aren’t messy and don’t spoil easily. As often as possible I try to choose organic products with no added sugar. You may also notice that there’s no fresh fruits and veggies because they spoil too easily (great for road trips though!) and ofcourse you can’t take quite a few of them across the border or through security.

Tip : Purchase small format packs or pack bulk items in small containers or bags that can be passed along easily.


Be sure to let me know if you have any favourites you rely on!


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