Let’s Work Together

Baby & Life was born on November 1st 2011 and receives over 30,000 visits per month . While there is a readership from over 72 countries, readers from Canada (60%), America (10%),  Sri Lanka (5%), U.A.E (5%) and Netherlands (5%) visit more frequently.

This blog is all about being a parents and maintaining the pre baby urban chic lifestyle, post baby. We are always open to working together with brands and events that  speak to us and our readers. Please note that we offer full disclosure to our readers and will be informing them of any  invitations or payments received. We are very passionate about food, travel and fun things to do in the city of Toronto … all with kids in tow. Having traveled to over 100 cities in 18+ countries and dined at over 200 restaurants in the past seven years with two kids under the age of 8, we’re always looking to highlight destinations, services and restaurants. Any items or services that help ease our ability to balance family and  adventure are always on the top of our lists.  If you’re looking to reach a wide audience in a light-hearted manner, we are your family!

There’s many ways we can collaborate (rates apply)… we play nice in the sandbox. Promise. Some ways of working together include

  • Event Coverage
  • Product Reviews
  • Advertorials
  • Twitter Party Host
  • Giveaways
  • Brand Champion
  • Advertising


If you have an event or product you’d like me to review you may email Yashy at  [email protected] or Chris at [email protected] we will respond to all emails but will only work with brands and events that blends and pairs well with Baby&Life.