Greg Frewin’s Imagine Magic Show

Photo Credit : Greg Frewin Theatre Website

This past weekend we decided to spend an impromptu day in Niagara Falls and so we booked a ZipCar for the weekend and zipped our way to the falls. Niagara Falls is home to many an attraction and while I haven’t been to the Falls in quite some time, I always associate the bright lights and entertaining strip to Las Vegas. And so, in keeping with the Vegas theme we accepted an invitation to check out the Greg Frewin Imagine show with Baby Boy and the Little Monkey.

To be honest I had no expectations, I wasn’t even sure if we’d make it through even one of the two 45 minute sets. As you know Baby Boy can get quite cranky! We arrived around noon and picked up our tickets for the matinee show and the best part is that the Greg Frewin Theatre is located in the heart of Niagara Falls and offers free parking! Ensure you get your validation ticket from the box office and you’re good up to midnight. If that isn’t enough reason to attend the show…the magic surely is!

We decided to grab a quick bite to eat at Antica Pizzeria across the street (more on that next week!) and came back at 2:40 p.m. for our 3:00 p.m. show. The parrots at the entrance nearly delayed our seating but I managed to entice the Little Monkey away with the promise of seeing a tiger (phew!). Seating is first come first served and there’s over  600 seats with tiered pricing to accommodate all seating preferences and budgets. The booths looked particularly comfy but we were quite happy in our Tier 2 seats. The theatre wasn’t busy that afternoon so we had a long 8 seat table all our selves and I was able to bring in our infant car seat (wishful thinking for a nap!). From what I could tell, there’s no bad seat in the house as everyone has a great view of the stage. Remember to get a booster seat for the toddlers!


I was absolutely SHOCKED that the Little Monkey sat mesmerized for both sets! Seriously, she wouldn’t take her eyes off the stage. I don’t think she fully comprehended the magic concept but she was happy watching the animals and fire. There’s many acts and after a while things can start getting a bit blurred but one thing for sure, Greg knows what he’s doing. Of course, he is the International Grand Champion of Magic after all. He makes everything from a duck to a tiger disappear and re-appear but what’s charming about him is how he engages with the audience and connects with kids. His narratives of his own childhood makes this a family friendly show, despite the provocatively dressed assistants. Don’t worry the male assistants are fully’s just the female ones. HAH!

We did have to step out a few times as the Little Monkey wanted to go to the potty (yes! it’s true!) and Baby Boy needed a small cry-fest  to calm himself to sleep during the second set. However, this was easy to do. Try and ask for a table closer to the exit so it’s a quick and simple exit and re-entry. The foyer outside the main theater has some fab smelling popcorn and a bar so if you feel you need to take a mini break with little ones, it’s easy to do so. Plenty of space to take a walk or get the little ones to stretch their legs. At the end of our afternoon show Greg was signing autographs in the foyer and we also had the option to get on stage and take photos with a tiger in a cage (they have some illusions at work so you APPEAR to be in the same cage, but of course you’re not). 


There’s no photography allowed during the show so I played nice and didn’t sneak in any illegal shots to share with you. However the video below is from the Greg Frewin Theatre YouTube channel and will give you a glimpse of what we saw. I’d also like to highlight that the Greg Frewin Theatre helps look after tigers that would otherwise not have a home, they have through the years nurtured these animals until a suitable home can be found. I thought that was an interesting story for Greg to share with us during the show. We saw four different  tigers during our afternoon visit and each looked more magnificent than the next!


We enjoyed the show much more than we anticipated and I highly encourage checking the Imagine show out if you have the chance. There were plenty of kids around and some birthday celebrations were happening during our visit too. It was the perfect afternoon activity for us on our Niagara Falls day out. There’s also an evening show with a pre-show dinner option. Definitely worth checking out but the afternoon show might be a bit more relaxed for the younger kids. We didn’t get this, but there’s a VIP package which offers a meet and greet with Greg and some of his crew members, along with a unique backstage tour where visitors will see a live tiger up close.How cool is that?

Are you a fan of magic?


  1. Uplifting Families
    May 29, 2014 @ 21:51:48

    This looks like so much fun. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Greg Frewin Theatre
    May 30, 2014 @ 10:50:53

    Thanks for such a ‘pawsitive’ review! We look forward to your family making another magical appearance in the theatre again soon!


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    Nov 05, 2014 @ 20:47:11

    Hubby and I took his parents to this show and loved it, the meal was good, basic but you got your fill


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