Getting Glitzi | Giveaway

Glitzi Globes Videos, giveawaySugar and candy and everything pink and sparkly wins in our house when it comes to our three year old princess loving Little Monkey. Last December she got her hands on Beados, as you may recall, and ever since that we’ve been trying to hunt down fun activity kits for her. The same folks who make Beados (there’s sparkly Beados kits now folks!! We’re ALL over that!) also make something called Glitzi Globes. And yes, it’s plenty pink and sparkly too! We’ve got a giveaway as well.


Disclosure : We received a complimentary kit, but as always, opinions are totally mine!


Little Monkey watches many a YouTube video on unwrapping chocolate eggs and playing with toys so I think she has picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. I had NO idea she knew what the newly received activity kit was but she yelled out “OH MY! GLITZI GLOBES” when I opened the package that landed on our door step. That’s when I knew I’d have to film her with this latest toy. The day we received the pack she was down with a cold and a bit cranky but she really wanted to get into the kit. So we plopped her down with a Glitzi Globes Disney Princess Jewelry Pack and got the camera rolling. There’s plenty of nose wiping (on her nightie as she refuses to use a tissue) as she dug into the Jewelry pack and started narrating. I didn’t realize how into it she’d be until we started filming and she figured out the whole kit by herself (and  a little help from me, of course). She’s clearly watching too many YouTube videos by the looks of things!

Glitzi Globes are fun to look at but I also found that they help with fine motor skills. We even had a bit of a science lesson when I had to teach her that the glitter packs need to soften in the water to be released in a sparkly form. That was probably the most frustrating part as she had to wait about an hour for the glitter to soften up (a lesson in patience never hurt anyone). She has been playing with the Glitzi Globes for a few weeks now and the jewelry is still in tact. I’m impressed that the hardware is so sturdy! Especially with Baby Boy trying to yank and bite at them. For a princess loving toddler the Glitzi Globes Disney Princess range, which comes not only in the Jewelry Pack but also a Pageant Kit, is sure to entertain them for many an afternoon. She’s quite self sufficient in making the various globes and I conveniently empty out the water so she has to refill them again (Hush!! Don’t tell her that). Our glitter packs are over but you can easily swap those in with a few dollops of dollar store glitter packs. One kit can technically last a toddler lifetime as long as you don’t lose the tiny figurines. Baby Boy is yet to swallow one, so we’re doing okay in that department.


We’re loving our Glitzi Globes packs and have the chance for one lucky winner to win a Glitzi Globes Disney Princess Jewelry Pack as well! These can be found at Toys R’US and Walmart stores throughout Canada so keep an eye out for them!


Good luck!


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