Eating out with baby – Bannock

I can’t believe I didn’t have a dedicated review on Bannock as we’ve been eating her ever since the Little Monkey was a baby. Given the proximity to us and the fact that it’s a sure crowd pleaser, we find ourselves at Bannock whenever we have friends and family visiting. As you know it’s very rare for us to return to the same place.. yet we seem to find new dishes to explore each time and their cocktail and mocktail lists always delight me! No wonder it’s on our Top 10 list!

The staff are always very friendly, though admittedly this past weekend our server did seem very anxious about the Little Monkey having markers on the wooden high chair – I had to tell her they were washable, come-on I know better! We clean up real nice before we leave. I’ve been been here with two toddlers and still had a good time. High chairs and booster seats are available and our stroller is always whisked away with a smile. The washrooms don’t have a change table and luckily I’ve never needed to do a change here. That said, the washrooms are quite large and you’d be able to juggle a stand and change session easily. UPDATE : They have change tables now!!

Enough about the poop, let’s talk about the food! This past weekend my college roommate was visiting and since it had been over 6 months since we were last at Bannock we decided to swing by. I had the Cheese burger and the Little Monkey enjoyed nibbling on the burger as well. I’ve had the poutine pizza in the past and definitely recommend it if you like weird and delicious. It’s huge though! Below are a couple pictures from our visits this year.

Oh I also love that the decor incorporates antique pine and hemlock reclaimed from one of the Queen’s wharfs that sat under the waters of Lake Ontario at York Street for over a hundred years. Pretty neat eh?

Parsnip Soup and Cod Fritters in Bao

Cheese Burger

Fried Bologna and Eggs

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