Disney Live’s Mickey’s Music Festival Review | Sony Centre

This past weekend the four of us were invited to attend Disney Live’s Mickey’s Music Festival and I was reminded why we love taking the little ones to the theater. Live theater is so mesmerizing and  I’m impressed by how young kids are able to sit still and experience it all. We attended the 2 p.m show on Saturday and managed to work between Baby Boy’s nap times so that everyone was awake for the show.

As always we loved the little things that Sony Centre provides for families. This time there were TWO coat and stroller check areas which meant that line ups were non existent. They also have change tables in their washrooms and popcorn and drinks (milk was still lacking) were available at the concession stand. We arrived earlier than usual and grabbed two booster seats for the kids and made our way to our seats. We lucked out because the usher told us that we were able to sit closer to the stage as they had some cancellations (win!!) and so we had a great view of the stage.



After the last Disney Live show I wasn’t sure how Baby Boy would be and so I had the Bjorn on me but didn’t need it at all! He loved bopping around to the tunes and while 2 is really the perfect age for live theater, this 1 year old did extremely well. He snacked throughout and towards the end he lay on my lap and enjoyed his bottle of milk whilst watching the stage. It was quite cute to see him enjoying the show. Little Monkey is a theater pro, she was riveted during the whole thing and was eager to see if Rapunzel would be there…she was not. Ariel and Jasmine were though!



The 90 minute show had a mini fifteen minute break and Mickey and Minnie were the perfect hosts, taking us through acts (filled with songs) where we met Princesses and their entourage. The set was fabulous and I had quite a few favourite moments. A meteor shower brought on by Woody and Jesse was quite fun as they threw some giant metors into the audience and of course the cheeky mermaids singing ‘put a ring on it’ was definitely one for the parents. The entire show was peppered with pop songs that most of the younger kids wouldn’t know, but us parents definitely were swaying in our seats. I also LOVED the underground water scene with Ariel.. the set design was quite fab given the younger audience. That’s Disney for you I guess – always delivering a great experience for those of all ages.

If you have a 2 years or older, take them to see a live show – it truly is a great experience for them (and you!). I wouldn’t have taken Baby Boy as he’s still too young, but the perks of having an older sister is that he gets to experience things at a younger age. He did great despite being too young to fully enjoy the show. As always, Feld Entertainment delivers a fun experience for the little ones. Little Monkey is already looking forward to the next one and we’re mentally preparing ourselves for our first Monster Jam experience next weekend!

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