Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show Review | Toronto Sony Centre

Last weekend we took the toddler and a baby to watch a show. Believe it! Baby Boy and the Little Monkey got a chance to experience Disney Live’s Mickey’s Rockin’ Roadshow at the Sony Centre. We were very excited since the Little Monkey and I had a blast at the Dora show at the Sony Centre back in December. So when Disney Live! invited the family even the hubs agreed to join us this time. 


Sony Centre Tips : Free stroller parking and booster seats available . You can bring your own sippy cup!


We arrived twenty minutes before the show started so that we could leisurely get ready for the show. No line ups for stroller parking or at any of the convenience stands so things moved quickly. We were seated towards the back of the theatre and at the end of the aisle which I was very glad about because Baby Boy was definitely cranky (as always!). The audience was kids aged 2 to 5 predominantly and  quite a few babies were in attendance too. Needless to say I saw plenty of parents on their cell phones and many had to take a couple breaks to deal with toddler tantrums and cranky babies. I liked that we had easy access to the aisle because I was able to stand at the back and still watch the show whilst bouncing baby boy (he wasn’t happy sitting in the Bjorn strapped to me). The Sony Centre is a great spot for kids because the main foyer and the lounge upstairs provides a great area for time outs.



The Little Monkey sat through the entire show with a bag of popcorn and the hubs got the chance to watch the show with her whilst I popped in and out as I was incharge of Baby Boy. Mickey and his friends embark on a talent search and on their journey they meet quite a few familiar characters. The Little Monkey LOVED seeing Woody and “Cinderbella” and she even knew some of the tunes. She wasn’t too engaged in the jumping and bouncing with tigger scenes and I’m not too sure why. We tried to tell her to dance and jump along but she preferred to be seated the whole time. Lazy bugger!


I enjoyed the tunes and the Disney characters and while the show wasn’t as engaging as I thought it would be, the tunes and costumes really carried the show through. If your toddler has started watching Disney shows they’ll love Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show.  However if they haven’t begun that journey, I’d wait before I took them to see this particular one. Right now the Little Monkey is completely into Disney and I’m ashamed to admit this but in one day she can watch Cinderella, Pinocchio and Toy Story. Yes entire movies!

As for taking babies, probably not a smart idea as it was a bit too loud. I was actually surprised by HOW loud it was. Though in hindsight it was definitely not as loud as a Raptors game. I could tell that most parents were in our situation – there to create memories with the toddler but with a baby along for the ride. Given that you have buy a ticket for the baby I will be leaving Baby Boy at home next time. He’s definitely too young for this and I was hoping he’d be enthralled by the song and dance (he too has started sneaking in some TV time) but that definitely was not the case. We took the Little Monkey to her first show when she was 9 months so perhaps I really should have waited before we took Baby Boy out to one.




The show runs for an hour and a half with a fifteen minute intermission which gives everyone enough time to quickly zip out for a quick walk. There’s change tables in the washrooms which are downstairs. At the end of the evening the Little Monkey was very sad that she didn’t say bye to Woody (her current favourite!) and when the curtains closed she cried. AH! We told her she’ll have to go home and see him on TV. Luckily the crowns they gave every kid as they left the theatre kept the Little Monkey happy for our walk home!

I look forward to taking the Little Monkey to more shows but I think I’ll wait till Baby Boy is a bit older before we take him to any more shows

He’s definitely a bit too cranky for the theatre.


  1. MV
    Apr 01, 2014 @ 23:57:11

    we went too! Was so much fun! Baby girl loved it when Tigger came on stage. bounce bounce


  2. Karen Hill
    Apr 17, 2014 @ 20:05:40

    Glad the whole family enjoyed.


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