Date Night at BOSK

Some days you really do need a date night and we were lucky enough to sneak in a visit to BOSK during our Babymoon around Toronto. BOSK is Shangri-La Toronto’s signature restaurant and the hubs and I were treated to one of our best culinary adventures to date. You’ll have to follow Masalamommas to read all about our luxurious stay at the hotel but today I’m sharing all about eating out withOUT baby and the foodie journey we embarked on.

The artistic elegance continues from the hotel to the restaurant and I was absolutely in love withe hand blown glass balls decorating the ceiling and the wooden touches throughout. As expected service was attentively impeccable and we absolutely adored our server who was not only informative but took us on a bit of a culinary education (hey.. I had NO idea what calamansi was! Do you? It’s a citrusy fruit). The cutest thing was him constantly filling up my water glass with a a glass flugelhorn .. he patiently waited for me to take over 10 pictures since I was never able to capture the right angle. Adorable right?

While we never personally met Chef Damon Campbell he cooked up one stunning dish after another for us. We decided to go with the a la carte option but allowed our server to pair the wines for each course. Sure it was a bit risky letting him choose our drinks but hey.. he was the expert and we were thrilled not to have to think about the complementary pairings. Ofcourse since Baby Boy was still in the belly, I only took a few sips of each pairing while the hubs enjoyed both his and my wines! Quite the caring and sharing hubby eh? I can’t blame him though as BOSK is a spot where wine aficionados can enjoy one of Toronto’s most extensive wine lists featuring more than 600 international labels and rare vintages.

An absolutely divine globally inspired culinary experience with distinct regional-influences awaits diners at BOSK.

I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves – we loved every single dish we got. Not surprising given that BOSK prides itself on using old world cooking styles with contemporary ingredients. I’ll tell you one thing though-not ordering the Seared Foie Gras was the hardest thing I had to do that evening! I love a good foie gras but sadly it’s a no-no during pregnancy and given that I was enjoying the wine I decided not to push my luck!


Having perused the menu I can tell you that everything was reasonably priced. I can’t wait to go back and try out the Chef’s Tasting Menu as I can only imagine how amazing it is! I heard that the Chef throws in many surprise and delight dishes along the way, so you can expect about 8 courses. Also let’s not forget that I can actually enjoy the alcoholic beverage pairings fully this time around! If you’re looking for an exceptional dining experience in the heart of the city where you can treat your taste buds to an excellent culinary experience be sure to scope out BOSK! I think the Little Monkey would quite enjoy herself here though we enjoyed not having to cater to her every whim and instead focused on US!


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  1. Cheryl (@loucheryl)
    Dec 14, 2013 @ 17:33:16

    Sounds like a great place to eat and a great date night!


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